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Enrolment Procedure Research Master I&I
Enrolment Procedure Research Master I&I

The research master I&I is officially accredited by the KNAW/NVAO (=Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, the official recognition organization) in 2009 and 2014. The curriculum started in August 2009.

Recruitment for the 2021 class is now open with the following deadline:

- all students, Monday April 1 2021

Two main target groups will be eligible to enrol in the program:

(A) Excellent academic students with a Bachelor degree in medicine, biology, biomedical sciences, (bio)chemistry, or related studies
  • from Erasmus MC
  • from another Dutch university
  • from an international university.

(B) Excellent non-academic students with a Bachelor degree from laboratory colleges or equivalent (only after passing a linking program and nomination by their college)

  • from HLO Rotterdam
  • from another Dutch HLO
  • from an international equivalent.

The applicant should have a good working command of the English language, both oral and written. Foreign applicants whose native language is not English should submit the official score of either one of the approved English Language Tests.

Requested for the application

  • Application via www.studielink.nl with attached
  • After this application, you receive a follow up email from the EUR with a student number and a link to the application portal,  in which you can upload the following compulsory document:
    • A motivation letter
    • List of your grades and diplomas
    • At least 2 letters of recommendation from your professors, teachers or supervisors
    • Copy of the personal data page in your passport (non-EU) or ID-card
    • For foreign applicants a copy of a recent
      • TOEFL test (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) with minimal score: 550 paper based, 213 for computer based or 79-80 internet based test; or, as an alternative:
      • IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) with minimal score: 6; or:
      • written proof of your institution that your previous education was in English, when you followed a BSc program in English.

How to send in your application

You can apply now, but only via: www.studielink.nl. All other ways of registrations are not valid and will be neglected!
Tuition fee for non-EU citizens will be €19.400/year and for EU citizens €2186/year.

Please send all your emails to our new email address for the master: msc.infection.immunity@erasmusmc.nl

Further dates

  • Between mid mid April and the end of May 2021, interviews with students:
    • For students living in the Netherlands interviews will take place at Erasmus MC
    • For students living abroad, interviews will be done using webcams through an internet connection (skype)
  • At last at the end of May all students will be informed whether or not they are admitted.

The 1st Summer Course for Class 2021 starts on Monday 30 August 2021.

The further education schedule will be announced later.

Mission and vision
It is our mission to select and train excellent students at an early stage of their careers to perform top research in the field of Infection & Immune Diseases covering the complete field of host-microbe interplay and autoimmunity, challenge them to become translational investigators, foster them and commit them to the academic world. Recent developments in (bio)medical technologies provide novel tools to gain in-depth knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms of infectious and immune diseases. Translational research is the hallmark of the Erasmus MC. Its quality relies on strong communication between clinicians and basic scientists. With this research master programme Erasmus MC will invest in a new generation of translational scientists that will strengthen and improve Erasmus MC research.

The main topics of the program are:
  • Immunology: fundamental, organ-specific, transplant immunology, auto-immune diseases, immunodeficiencies
  • Both Virology and Microbiology: basic and advanced, emerging infectious diseases, host-microbe interplay, role of genetic variation in host and microbe, chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases
  • Animal models
  • Bio safety

The organisation of the program is rather basic. There is a Steering Committee chaired by Prof.dr. Ron Fouchier, who is also scientific director of the Postgraduate School MolMed, a Programme Committee chaired by Dr. Jan Nouwen MD PhD, program director. The managing director is dr. Frank L. van Vliet. The office of the Postgraduate School MolMed supports it.

For all information on the school see the website: www.infectionimmunity.nl and www.infection-immunity.com
Email address: msc.infection.immunity@erasmusmc.nl

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